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Catalogue Support



Nearme assists business owners in enhancing the appeal of their stores by supporting them in setting up a more attractive display. Store owners can send their product catalog to Nearme, which helps upload the products along with images. Our service enhances image quality and ensures correct image aspect ratios, even for images of different sizes. Within a span of 5 business days, we prepare the entire product catalog, providing a comprehensive and polished presentation.

How Nearme Assists Store Owners?

Store Owner's Request

  • Store owners provide product details and images via WhatsApp to the Nearme support team.
  • They request the support team to add and set up their store.

Nearme's Support Process

  • The support team gathers all the data shared by the store owner.
  • A CSV file is created to facilitate bulk data import.
  • Images are bulk imported into the system.
  • For images lacking the correct aspect ratio, adjustments are made to ensure a 1:1 proportion, and image quality is enhanced.

The image below illustrates how Nearme transformed an improper image into an attractive one.