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Packing Slip Integration

In this integration, We setup some files in the system on which their thermal printer is connected


  1. Thermal Printer
  2. Network Connectivity

Setup files in client system

The integrations files need to be transferred to the desired system


  2. launch_file.vbs
  3. nearme_packing_slip_run.bat
  4. printServer-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  5. README.txt

With the anydesk access we will place these files into c:/nearmePackingSlip folder, And set it up to run automatically at startup

How it will work

After completing setup, if an order received to the navigator it will automatically print those orders along with all details, Learn More



What to be done if it's not printing orders? Go to Resource Monitor on windows(Search -> Resource Monitor), Select Network -> Listening Ports and check for port number 8080 is running java.exe

If it's not showing there, goto c:/nearmePackingSlip and double click on launch_file.vbs and check resource monitor, it will now show the java.exe on port 8080