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Task Software Integration

In this integration we setup some files in the server system that can sync details to Nearme


If you are in the begining of entering product into TASK software please follow this Link


  1. Credential details (Username & Password)and DB name
  2. Created credentials should have Read-Only permission on Tables
    • acc_productbatch
    • acc_product
  3. Anydesk access to system

Setup files in client system

The integrations files need to be placed in the server system on which the TASK software is running (System with database of Task software).


  2. launch_file.vbs
  3. nearme_task_adapter_run.bat
  4. TaskAccounting-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
  5. dbjdbc16.dll

With the anydesk access we will place these files into c:/taskIntegration folder, And set it up to run automatically at startup

How it will sync data

After completing the integration setup, need to do the following steps by the store owner.

  1. Need to replace the SKU id in Nearme with the product code in TASK
  2. Make sure that only one barcode is listed against a product code in TASK, If multiple barcodes are available, will pick the product with highest saleprice from it
  3. If the quantity in TASK system goes 0 or below 0 the product will be marked as out of stock in Nearme

If the product is not having sale price set on TASK, It will take MRP as sale price of the product and vice versa.


Download the openjdk if no java found



How the integration works? Our tool will only work if there is any change in the product data, If any changes found it will sync it to Nearme


What are the syncing product properties? The below are the product properties used to sync

  • Sale Price
  • MRP
  • Stock

How often it will sync data? In every 15 mins or can able to define custom sync intervals