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Social media having a vital role in increasing the store sales in both the ways, Paid & Organic posts. We have to keep posting updates regarding products and offers through social medias


If store is having an existing facebook page we would like to get the access of the page for performing the following actions.

Facebook Pixel integration

Facebook pixel is a code that used to track activities on the website and it can be also used to build audience for the ads campaigns

Facebook SDK integration

Facebook SDK is what allows developers to integrate Facebook within a mobile app, and it allows for a website or app to integrate with Facebook seamlessly. This SDK integration is mandatory for performing some type of facebook ads

Sharing Access

If you already have a facebook page just visit the page setting and find a menu named Page Roles on that section just enter and add as an admin.

Once we have integrated SDK you can remove wariyum from facebook page role

Creating a Facebook page

If you don't have a Facebook page wariyum will help you to create one and share details with the facebook profile you have shared