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Runbook- Onboarding of Customers

Step 1: Registration and Initial Setup

  1. Visit the registration page
  2. Complete the Registration Form: Fill out the form with the necessary details, such as your name, contact information, and business specifics.
  3. Submit the Form: Review your details for accuracy and submit the form to complete your registration.
  1. Welcome Email: Check your email for a message from Wariyum Technology, which will include the URL for the Navigator.

  2. Email Troubleshooting: If you haven't received the email within a reasonable time frame, check your spam folder. Ensure that emails from our domain are whitelisted.

  3. Admin Panel Registration: Follow the URL to sign up for the admin panel, where you’ll manage your storefront.

Step 2: Deploying Your Storefront

Upon logging into the admin panel, you will be greeted with the ‘Go-Live Checklist’ designed to guide you through the process of deploying your online store. get started To ensure your storefront accurately represents your business, we require the following information and assets:

  1. Import Sample Products: This option allows you to quickly populate your store with sample products. This step is crucial for visualizing how your actual products will look and for conducting initial testing of the storefront.

  2. Fill up Store Details: Here you will provide foundational details about your store. This includes your business’s physical address, as well as the primary currency for your transactions, ensuring accurate pricing and checkout experiences for your customers.

  3. Add Store Logo: Your store's logo is a cornerstone of your brand identity. Upload a high-resolution logo that will be prominently displayed across your store. This enhances brand recall and lends a professional appearance to your storefront.

Required Formats.jpg or .png
Min. Required Dimensions1000 X 1000px
Prefered BackgroundTransparent or White
  1. Add Social Media Profiles: Integrating social media into your storefront is key for engagement. Provide the links to your business's social media pages, allowing for a seamless connection between your store and your social media presence, increasing your potential reach and customer interaction.

  2. Deploy Storefront: This final step will make your store go live. Once all the previous steps are completed and your content is reviewed, your store will be ready to welcome customers.

Once the checklist is complete and all items are marked with a check, You can then press the ‘Deploy Storefront’ button to launch your online presence.

Step 3: Post-Deployment and Support

After Going Live

  • Customize Your Store: Dive into the wealth of customization options to further refine the look and feel of your store.

  • Add Your Products: Replace the sample products with your own inventory, using the samples as a guide for descriptions, images, and pricing.

Ongoing Support

If at any point you need assistance or have questions, our dedicated support team is here to help you succeed. Contact us via

Step 4: Service Request

If you need any further support from wariyum please raise a Service Request.