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Getting Started

Nearme is an application helps business to increase their sales through listing & Getting ordered for their products through an application. Here we called the app Nearme โ€“ it will help to connect their business with the Customers. Through this customers can able to find the perfect products they want and order them. It can be used for promotional purpose also, The registered customer can able to get push notifications of new offers and promotions in your store.



Navigator is the admin area, Where we can create and manage Products, Brands, Categories, Banners, etc.All the orders received in the store can be managed here, Navigator also providing a basic reporting section.



Storefront is the application for customers, Where they can buy products and roam around the listed items

Available Theme#

  • Ionic

  • Groci

  • Fragrance

Available Channels#

  • Web

  • PWA

  • Android

  • IOS