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SKU Suggester

The SKU Suggester is an optional tool that facilitates onboarding customers to start their businesses. While onboarding a customer, sku suggester will help users to map Nearme products with their existing inventory.

sku suugestion

  • The customer is required to send a CSV file(download template) that contains the product code and name from the third-party inventory.
  • Product content is written by Content Writers, and the Inventory Management System is managed by Inventory Management Software.
  • SKU Suggester is a tool that suggests corresponding Product Code/SKU ID in Neareme E-Commerce against your inventory system.
  • This tool is powered using some Machine Learning (ML) Algorithm to recommend ProductCode/SKUID matching name.


  1. Remove the SKU ID, then click the field to see suggested SKUs. You can also search by product name.

sku suugestion

  1. The product code and sku id will be mapped once the exact item has been chosen from the suggestion.
  2. Navigator's sale price, mrp, and stock values will sync with third-party inventory by the following sync.

For example, if a customer needs to map the product Del Monte Extra Light Olive Oil, one can use the mapping tool. When the SKU ID is removed from the field, the suggestions shown below appear. 

sku suugestion