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Search Management


Nearme's Search Management is designed to provide the most relevant search results. To achieve this, Nearme has introduced some features, such as Search Suggestions and Search Score Boosting.

Search Synonyms

Search Synonyms allow businesses to mention native language terms or possible search keywords for products. For example, for the product "onion," businesses can add search terms like "vengayam," "Ulli," "ഉള്ളി," "வெங்காயம்," "ಈರುಳ್ಳಿ," "प्याज," etc.

How to enable

Businesses can enable this feature by entering the possible search terms in the "Search Suggestions" field on the product section, separated by a comma.

Search Score Boosting

Nearme's search algorithm utilizes Search Score Boosting, which assigns a score to all search results and displays them accordingly. The default scores assigned are based on the product's name, search suggestions, category, brand, and 1st span. If a customer searches for a particular term, the products containing that term will be displayed based on their scores.

To optimize search results, Nearme also allows for customizing search scores by assigning weightage to different attributes. This ensures that the most relevant products are displayed to the customer.

The default scores assigned are

Name 1st Span10Milk Nandini
Name5Heritage tonned milk
Search Suggestion5Milk
Brand5Milk ma

For example, if a customer searches for "milk," products such as "Milk-Ma Salt Biscuits," "Milky Mist Cream," and "Nestle Milkmaid" will be displayed based on their search scores. The scores are calculated based on the presence of the search term in the product's name, category, brand, and 1st span. The product with the highest score will be displayed in the first position.

By using the search score we can find out the relevant result

Product Name1st SpanNameCategoryBrandTotal
Nandhini Special Milk0516021

A product named "Nandhini Special Milk" would receive a score of 21 because it contains milk in the name and is in the milk category.

Product Name1st SpanNameCategoryBrandTotal
Milk -Ma Salt Biscuits1050520

Another product named "Milk-Ma Salt Biscuits" would receive a score of 20 because milk appears in the first span of the product name and in the brand name.

Search Score Slackening

The Search Score Slackening is a new feature in product search that is similar to product score boosting. It is used for out-of-stock products, and if a product is marked as out of stock, its search score is decreased by a percentage. This means that products with lower scores will be listed at the bottom of the search results.