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Cost Estimator

The Cost Estimator tool will help you to estimate monthly charges based on service usage. This helps to estimate/budget for your eCommerce business.

Benefits and features.

  • Transparent pricing: See the math behind the price for your service configurations. View prices per service or features to analyze.
  • Export Estimate: Export your estimate to a .csv file to quickly share and analyze (WIP).

Use cases

  • Export your estimates in CSV or PDF format to share locally with your stakeholders.
  • This helps our clients to look over the system and decide :
    • If they want to go with us
    • If they don’t want to go with us

Work Flow

Cost Calculator

  • Search and add Nearme services or features that you need.
  • Enter the details of your usage to see the service cost.
  • View estimated cost per service, total, and gross amount.

Net Total Total monthly charge by the cost estimator from the customer inputs

Gross AmountAmount to be paid by the customer

Nearme fixed the Minimum Gross amount to INR 4000.00.

If you are unsure about the size of your store, choose the minimum plan and sell your products and build your business. You can always upgrade your system by adding new features and functionality to your store.

Whether your total spend goes up without context- especially when you’re continuously adding new features and services, Nearme helps you monitor your average cost per unit and can reduce the cost by changing the service configurations according to your business need.