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Product Configuration

The Nearme system works in accordance with its configuration. In order to enable a specific feature, you need to submit a service request to the Nearme team.

|No|Configuration|Description|Service Request| |---|---|---|

  1. |Duplicate Product Name| Nearme can manage product names to be unique or multiple product with same name|NEARME-Duplicate-Product-Name|
  2. |Convert to Variant|Simple product to Variant product conversion |NEARME-Convert-to-Variant|
  3. |Show search Suggestion|Provision to add search suggestion for products|NEARME-Show-Search Suggestion|
  4. |Show Simple Product|Enables simple products, can add products as simple product |NEARME-Show-SimpleProduct|
  5. |Show Brand|Show Brand on the product listing|NEARME-Show-Brand|
  6. |Show Category|Show Category on the product listing|NEARME-Show-Category|
  7. |Third Party SKU Suggestion|Enables SKU suggestion |NEARME-ThirdParty-SKU-Suggestion|
  8. |Show Discount Percentage|Show discount percentage on StoreFront only if the discount percentage is above a preset value| NEARME-Show-DiscountPercentage|
  9. |Show Discount Price Value|Show discount price value on StoreFront product listing only if the discount price value is above a preset value|NEARME-Show-DiscountPriceValue|
  10. |Show Share Options|It will display the share option on product details page on StoreFront|NEARME-Show-ShareOption|
  11. |Show Alternate Product(WIP)|It will display an additional tab Alternate on Product page to add the alternatives of the product|