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Custom Attribute Type

Service Request ID: PDT-ITM-TYP

A Custom Attribute Type is a way of extending the product. Which can be used to create multiple product properties from the navigator itself. To enable this feature need to raise Service Request Custom Attribute Type with Nearme team

Use case

If you are selling a variety of products, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, perfumes, etc., each with their unique features, you can consider each product as a Custom Attribute Type. To define custom properties for each Custom Attribute Type based on its features, you can use the following sample Custom Attribute Types and their respective properties:

Custom Attribute Type

Create a new Custom Attribute Type:


Inorder to get access to this menu need to raise a service request(product#product-item-type#configuration).

  • A menu will appear when the Custom Attribute Type feature is enabled

Custom Attribute Type

Step 1: Custom Attribute Type definition

  • Clicking on Custom Attribute Type will list the available product types.
  • Click on the New button to create a new product type.
  • Add the properties of the product type by clicking on Add button.

Product Item Type

  • Have option to edit and delete the created product types.

Before deleting a Custom Attribute Type, make sure no products are associated with this Item Type.

Step 2: Managing product update

  • The product detail page has an additional field called Custom Attribute Type where you can select the type of product
  • Will get a drop down to select the properties as shown below.
  • If the properties are not set in the drop-down box, have an option to add that manually.

Product Item Type

Step 3: Viewing on Storefront

  • In the storefront you will see these details

Product Item Type