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Import Data with EAN Code

Custom Behaviour

Service Request ID: EAN-DT-LDR

EAN Code

EAN Code

The EAN (European Article Number) code is a 13-digit barcode that is used worldwide to uniquely identify each product in an eCommerce store. It assigns a specific identity to each product through the use of numerical values.

Use Case

  • Leveraging multiple EAN API vendors to fetch product details, for the collected EAN Codes from retail store, would help to onboard product to Nearme system automaticaly.
  • Mapping Nearme-Product to Inventory Items in Retails store can be automated.


  • Request to enable the Ean Data Loader service by raising a service request with Nearme team..
  • Save the EAN codes of the products by scanning them with a mobile app and exporting the data to a Google Sheet. Several apps are available that can be used for this purpose, such as
    1. Scan it to Office
    2. Barcode to PC
    3. Scanbot
  • Import the Ean codes into the system.
  • The products will be imported with the EAN code as the SKU-ID.
  • Utilize the EAN-to-SKU data from the Third-Party-Service provider to correctly map the SKU-ID's.