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TASK Software


Task is a billing software widely used in Supermarkets/Hypermarkets, Using integration we can perform the following sync tasks.

Product details sync

Nearme will sync data from TASK software if there are any changes in the product price attributes (Sale Price, MRP). Also, we can use this for managing stock based on TASK system. If a product stock goes to 0 or any negative value Nearme will mark that product as out of stock.


The Product will sync in an interval of 15 Mins

Order details sync

The orders received on Nearme, we sync it to the sales order section of your TASK software, It contains all the items in the order so there is no need to enter it manually again. With a single click you can convert it to a regular sale.

Integration Setup

Request credential from TASK

Following tables need read-only permission

  1. acc_productbatch
  2. acc_product

In order to integrate need to get the credentials of TASK system

  • Username

  • Password

  • Database name

Environment setup

We will be provide you with a jar file and resource file.

Download it and save it under C:\taskIntegration folder.

Setting up autostart

  • Open run (Windows + R)

  • Type shell:startup and paste the nearme_task_adapter_run.bat file

  • Open TASK Manager and verify startup is on for the file

System requirements

  • i5 Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 256GB HDD

Integration Log

The log of TASK integration can be found under the Logs menu on Navigator.

Select TASK Product Sync from the dropdown menu to view the Integration logs

It will lists the Upload and import details of file to nearme system




How to sell a product online that is not available in the TASK Software Need to create the product manually in the Nearme application and it will be available on Storefront


Is new product added to TASK will sync to Nearme Automatically No, It will not sync the product automatically. Need to create product manually and on the SKU id need to add the product code on the TASK. Once added the product code it will sync price and stock details.