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Arabic Language



Key Features

  • Language Toggle

Easily switch between English and Arabic using the dropdown button at the top corner of every page.

  • Right-to-Left Layout

Activating Arabic will switch the entire platform layout to right-to-left (RTL), adjusting the sidebar, navigation menus, and content alignment to suit the natural reading and navigation flow for Arabic speakers.

  • Arabic Font and Typography

Our selection of Arabic fonts ensures legibility and aesthetic harmony, enhancing the readability and visual appeal of our text.

  • Culturally Appropriate Content

All content, including graphics and text, has been adapted to be culturally appropriate and engaging for our Arabic-speaking audience.

  • Enhanced RTL Search Functionality

The search bar and results are optimized for RTL input and display when Arabic is selected, ensuring a seamless search experience.

How to Use the Language Feature

  1. Switching Languages:

    • Locate the language dropdown button at the top corner of the screen.
    • Select your preferred language from the dropdown menu.
    • The page will refresh automatically, switching to your selected language and layout.
  2. Navigating in Arabic:

    • Navigation controls, buttons, and menus align to the right.
    • Text aligns from right to left, following the natural reading direction of Arabic.
  3. Using RTL Search:

    • The search bar is positioned on the right side in Arabic mode.
    • Type your query in Arabic; suggestions and results will appear right-to-left.
    • Search results are displayed in an RTL format to match text direction.