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Coupon Code

Coupon code

Coupon code is a special series of characters used on e-commerce websites to get a discounted price or limited offer on orders.

Navigator has a section to create and manage coupons, the created coupons can be applied on the Storefront.

Creating Coupon Code

In order to create a code visit Coupon Code from the Navigator, and find an Add + button. Upon Pressing the add button a form will show on the right side that contains the following feilds

  • Coupon code
  • Discount amount
  • Valid from
  • Valid till
  • Minimum order value
  • Discount type[disabled]
  • Usage limit per user[disabled]

all the above fields are required and some feilds are disabled.

Enter the Coupon code that need to be generated followed by entering discount amount, validity and minimum order values.


If there is no minimum order amount set it to 0

The generated coupon code will be valid only in the selected Date range

Coupon Code List

All the created coupon codes will be listed on the left side panel with the following details

  • Coupon Code
  • Discount Amount
  • Validity (From & To Dates)