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Push Notification

There is a provision for sending notifications to the customer through FCM push notification. This feature helps you to send sale information and offers to customers directly.

The push notification can send in two ways,

  • Group of customers

  • Single customer

Group of Customers

Default Group

This can be done using the Customer Engagement menu, There is a default group named All Users select the group for sending notification to all of your customers. After selecting you have to provide the notification content on the right side, that include Title, Message, URL, Image URL

Default Push Notification Group

Custom Group (WIP)

Creating custom user group based on various aspects

Example: We can create group of

  • Regular Customers
  • Customers who never ordered
  • Customers ordering a specific item
  • Etc..

Single Customer

In this method the notification can only be shared to a single customer, Select Customers menu and find Push Notification tab and create notification(Title, message, URL, Image URL)

Single Push Notification