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Order Details

As the customers placed order from Storefront, it will be displayed on the navigator order section with order details. The order contains the following details

Order Listing

All the orders are listed with basic details, per page contains 10 orders

Order Listing

Order Information

Upon clicking on an order listing it will show the details of selected order

Order Details

Order Number

It is the identification number of order, It will be like #00-0000000001 in this format.

Email Id

The email that is used while creating account in storefront

Address with Contact Number

The delivery address mentioned by the customer, it also have a contact number.

Order Total

Total amount of the order.

Order Placed Date & Time

Date and time at which the order is placed.

Items Ordered

List out the complete items on the order along with

  • Image of product
  • Name of product
  • Quantity of product
  • Price of product
  • SKU Id of product

Payment Options

The selected payment option by the customer.

Selecting the Print Preview option will prompt to generate a copy of the order receipts.

Order Notes

Delivery note left by the customers.

Order Status

After placing order customer can see the status as order placed, the status need to be changed from the store according to the flow of the order, basically it will be

  1. Order Placed
  2. Order Confirmed
  3. Order Processing
  4. Out for Delivery
  5. Delivered

There are other two status

  1. Cancelled : To cancel orders from the admin side.
  2. Cust_Cancelled : Applicable when customers cancel orders from the storefront.

Once customers place an order, they are only authorized to cancel it. However, after the order is confirmed by the admin, any further modifications or cancellations need to be requested by contacting the store owners.