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Building a product catalog for your store is made easy by nearme, here you can create multiple products with different features like Simple product, Variant products, Featuring product, Hiding product from storefront etc...

Product Entity Details

NoColumn NameValueDescription
1Product IDID for the product
2Product name*eg : Nandhini MilkName of the product.
3Product Type*SIMPLE_PRODUCT or VARIANT_PRODUCTSelect simple product if its not having any variants like 500ml, 1L
4Sort Priority1-10To set priority for product, default value is 1
5Search SuggestionEnter the possible search term for the product separated by comma.
6Variant NameName of the variant in case of VARIANT_PRODUCT
7Regular Price*Original Price
8Sale Price*Selling Price
9Discount PercentDiscount of the product, will be calculated in percentage from SP_salePrice and SP_mrp.
10DescriptionDescription of the product
11Mange Stocktrue or falseManage Stock enables product sku mapping
12Show Details page
13SKU IDProduct code.
Default value= NONE
Based on the product select label, according to selection the vegmark will show on storefront.
15Categorieseg: MilkName of the category in which product to be added
16Brandeg: Nandini-01Name of the brand in which product to be added
17Hidetrue or falseMark as true if the product to be hidden from storefront.
18Featuredtrue or falseMark as true if the product to be featured on storefront homepage.
19Out Of Stocktrue or false
20ImageRecommended image aspect ratio is 1:1
21Product Item Typeeg: TYRE,PERFUMECreate Product Item Type for products with common properties or attributes.
23Cart Max QuantitySet a limit on the number of products that customers can add to their cart

Product Type

Every eCommerce solution have multiple product types for handling different product attributes, Here in Nearme we also having two attributes that are listed below,

Simple Product

A simple product is a basic, standalone item that does not have any additional variations or options for customers to choose from. Simple products typically have a unique SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), unique URL, and a specific inventory count.


Variant Product

Variant products are products that come in different variations, such as size, color, or material. These variations are presented to customers as options to select from. For example, a water bottle may be available in multiple sizes, such as 500ml, 1L, and 5L, and each size would be presented as a separate variant.

Variant products can also have different prices based on the specific variation, such as a larger water bottle being more expensive than a smaller one.

Variant products provide customers with more choice and flexibility when shopping online, and enable businesses to offer a wider range of products without the need to create separate product listings for each variation.


A specific item that is bundled in with related variants to form one distinguishable product. We recommend variant products over simple products.

Drag and Drop

This feature is used to manage the variants of a product, using this we can able to arrange the position variants of a products.

Drag And Drop

Manage Stock

Manage Stock enables product sku mapping. This will help you to track your stock movement. Learn more click here

Category & Brand Management

Most of the products can have categories and brands on the listings, these can be added directly while creating a product or the category & Brand can be added one by one from the respective menu's

Category Management

Category Management helps you to categorize products based on different variants or groups. Our category management includes category based on 3 levels and also category management for banners.Learn More

Brand Management

Nearme brand management include grouping your products under specific brand names.Learn More

This option is used to highlight products, we can show the featured products on the homepage. Commonly this option is used to highlight products with good offers or items that needs a little push to increase sale.

Out of stock products

Product that are marked as out of stock will be indicated on the product listing sections.

  • Image have a red border
  • A warning icon will show for out of stock products Out of Stock

A variant product is shown as Out of stock only if all it's variants are outofstock.

Hide Products

Using this option we can hide a product from storefront, when a product is marked as hidden, customers are not be able to see the product in listing or in search.

Multi Action-Move Categories

Multi-action helps you move the number of selected products from one category to another. Moreover, it allows you to attach or remove a particular category for selected products. After moving, the product will disappear from the original category and appear in the newly moved category.


Custom Behaviour

Conversion of Simple Product to Variant Product​

Service Request ID: SP-TO-VP

This feature enables the conversion of a simple product into a variant product by creating a new product ID. The original simple product will be deleted, and the sale price, MRP, and SKU ID will be replaced with those of the variant product. The variant product will be assigned a default name consisting of a dot (.) but the attributes such as Product Name, Brand, and Category will remain unchanged. The updated information will be reflected within two minutes.

To enable this feature, need to raise a Service Request Simple Product To Variant Product Converter with Nearme team.

Product Deduplication

Service Request ID: D-DUP-PDT-NM

This feature can prevent adding items with the same product name. Need to raise a Service Request De-Duplicate Product Name to Nearme to enable this feature. With this feature, no two products can save with same name.

Custom Attribute Type

Not all products have the same properties. This feature allows you to create Custom Attribute Type for products with common properties or attributes.

Maximum Cart Item Limit

Service Request ID: MX-CRT-ITM-LMT

Maximum Cart Item Limit is a feature that allows you to manage inventory for limited edition products or products that are in high demand. This is achieved by setting a limit on the number of products that customers can add to their cart, ensuring that the product remains available to as many users as possible without going out of stock. A minimum purchase limit of one is set by default.

To use this feature, you can select specific products and set a maximum quantity limit per product in the Navigator. This limit will be reflected in the Storefront, as shown below. To enable this feature need to raise Service Request Maximum Cart Item Limit to Nearme team.


Sort Priority


Storefront Product Sorting

Service Request ID: SRT-PRTY

Sort Priority is a functionality that empowers customers to assign priority levels to products for display on the storefront. The priority values range from 1 to 10, with a default setting of 1. Products with higher priority values will be prioritized and displayed first in the storefront in the product showcase, making them more visible to your customers. To enable this feature need to raise Service Request SRT-PRTY with Nearme team.