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This roadmap page includes the upcoming tasks and features of Nearme

Task Software Integration

Integrating Task software with Nearme service that helps in

  • Generate bill on task for the orders in Nearme
  • Product data update
  • Stock update

Product Import-Export Template

Updating the templates for product, SKU, Category on the settings page

First Order (Highlight first time orders)

This features helps store owners to find the first orders placed by customers, On the order page the particular order will be highlighted

Scheduled Orders

On the storefront checkout section customers can able to select allocated date and time-slot, Based on that they can order today and get delivery on upcoming date.

On the navigator section the order will only display 2 hours before the selected time-slot

Loyalty Point Management

Store owners are able to assign product based loyalty points, Customer who purchasing the products with loyalty point will assign the points to their profile. Upon reaching a particular point they can use the points for payment

Customer Profile

A section to manage profile details like address, contact number etc.. Also this section includes the loyalty points earned by the customer

Variant Wizard

A feature that helps to create multiple variants by collecting main attributes Eg: A shirt is available in Red, Blue, Black colors and in different sizes like S, M, L for each colors, Here Variant Wizard will collect the main Attribute and creating Variants for each like Red - S, Red - M, Red - L etc...

Delivery Management

Delivery can be managed with Navigator by giving restricted access to delivery boy

Self Pickup

On the checkout field customers are able to select self pickup option instead of delivery, Here the customer are required to provide the pickup time

Retail Bill Generation with GST

UPI Payment Integration