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Service Request

A customer can make a formal request to a service provider, asking for services or new features that would be beneficial to the business.


Select Service Request from the sidebar, It will list the services that you have already purchased(onboarding) with their current status.

Viewing a service request

Clicking on the eye button will show the details of the purchased service. The service details include

  • Service id
  • Description
  • Pre-requisite
  • Cost/unit
  • Number of days required to complete the service.
  • Service purchased date and its current status

Service Request


  • Orange - Request created and under processing
  • Green - Request completed
  • Red - Request canceled

Generating a service request

Click Add button to add more services to your list.

Service Request

Select services from the drop-down list, it will show you the details related to the service. Clicking on Create button will generate the service request.

Users can cancel their request before the request is confirmed by clicking the Cancel button.