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SKU Rule

This rule can be applied to the variant product with same SKU Id. This will be usefull while syncing the data from other accounting applications, This rule will help to set the product price for the variant products

It will look like 0.500|kg|+2

0.500Quantity of the variant
kgUnit of the variant
+2Cost difference for variant

Use Case

This can be mainly used while syncing data from third party accounting applications(TASK, INFI).

Unlike Nearme, which includes variations for those products, these accounting applications might not have them. As a result, we can utilise this SKU Rule to calculate prices for the products while data is being synced.


Accounting application is having a product with code 00191 and the MRP & Sale price is 750.

Here in this, Nearme having two variants for the same products

  • 1kg
  • 500g

The first one 1Kg is the default variant. By saving the product, the default variant will automatically have the default SKU rule (1|-|0) applied.

The price for second one 500g will be generated based on the SKU Rule that set for the variant (0.500|kg|0)

SKU Rule