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My Account

This section allows customers to add their personal information which is required for the delivery process.


In 'My Account' Customers can save their address by signing in the Nearme storefront's My Account feature.

Users can update their addresses via the My Account section, which also offers the option to terminate their account.

Complete user information will be removed from the application once the account has been deleted. If they want to sign in again, they can register as a new user.

My Account

Address fields and field names can be configured and validate based on the user's need. Address Entity Details


Geolocation is a technique that allows you to determine the geographical location of a device or user based on their IP address, GPS coordinates, or other location-specific information. It is a useful feature in an ecommerce application, especially if the application offers physical products that need to be delivered to the customer. We use this to show delivery options.

By clicking on the Change button, a pop-up appears asking for permission to access the device location.


Once you have access to the geolocation, you can save the latitude and longitude values, along with any other relevant metadata such as address, or description, into a database or other data store. If you have the latitude and longitude values of a distant location, you can save them in your data store along with any relevant metadata.

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