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Each and every product listing will show the following details of product

  • Product Image
  • Discount Percentage/Amount
  • Product Name
  • Product Price
  • Variant Section
  • Add Button
  • Wishlist button

Product Image

A product has the option of featuring either a single image or multiple images. In the case of multiple images, users can view them by clicking on the left and right arrows.

Product listings

There are various types of product listings available in the storefront.

Top selling products

Featured Images

The Top Selling section allows store owners to select products to be featured. It is presented in a carousel style, allowing customers to scroll through products from left to right.

Category/Brand based products

This section is presented in a list style and includes all the basic product details.

Category Product listing

Product Show Case

Product Show Case

The product showcase feature highlights or presents selected products in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing manner.

Search listing

The search listing displays products in the same way as the category and brand listings. It also includes a search bar at the top.

Listing Styles

There are three different product listing styles available

Style 1

This compact design is specifically optimized for mobile screens, displaying a minimum of 5 products per screen based on the device.

style 1

Style 2

The grid-style listing allows for more products to be accommodated on a single screen.

style 2

Style 3

This responsive design is compatible with both mobile and web platforms. On mobile, it displays products in a list view, accommodating 3 products per screen, while on the web, it shows 3 products in a row.

style 3