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Category Management

Categories are used to group the products, so that customers can able to filter out products quickly based on categories

Category Entity Details

1Name*eg: MilkDefine the name of the category (with less than 300 character)
2Priority*0-50Default = 0.
Categories can be displayed on the storefront based on their priority. The highest number has more priority
3Banner Key-Copy and paste the appropriate banner key relevant to this category ID from the banner section.
4Category DescriptionCategory description if any
5Has Product*true or falseDefault = false
true : Products can be found in categories, but subcategories cannot be attached here.
false : A category can only contain subcategories, products cannot be added to this.
6Hide Category*true or falseDefault = false
true : It will be visible on the storefront.
false : It will be hidden on the storefront side.
7Parent Categoryeg: Main category,FoodgrainsCategories can be arranged in a hierarchical manner, such as parent and child. It can mark the appropriate parent category as interesting.
8ImageSelect the saved image and upload. Recommended image proportion is 1:1

Fields with ***** are mandatory fields.

Multi Level Categories

Categories can be created in multi-level, A parent category can have multiple child categories

here is the sample

Foodgrains                  # Parent Category
├── Atta, Sooji & Flours # Level 1 Child
├── Rice & Rice products # Level 1 Child
│ ├── Basmathi Rice # Level 2 Child
│ │ └── Products # Products
│ |── Raw Rice # Level 2 Child
| └── Steam Rice # Level 2 Child
└── Egg & Dry Fish # Level 1 Child

Homepage Category Arrangement:

Customize the homepage category display based on customer preferences. For a category to appear on the homepage, it must be linked to a parent category. Store owner need to share the parent category ID with Nearme team to showcase the subcategories. Read more

Category Based Banners

Every single categories can have banner for it, We only need to add respective banner key to the banner feild on the category section. Learn more banner setting.

Category Banner