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Brand Import & Export

NoColumn NameValueDescription
1idId for the brand. This has to be added in product import template
2name*eg: Nandini
Name of the brand. Two brands cannot be imported with the same name in the same file.
FIND-OR-CREATE-MARKER(?) can also be used to provide a brand name.
3imageName of Image Eg: colgate.jpgNeed to provide respective name of image for the brand.
Default value= 0
Based on the given priority brand will show on Storefront. Highest number having high priority

Fields with * are mandatory while importing brands.

Brands are used to sort the product, there are multiple brands are available for a store. In order to create brands for your store download the template file here

Brand Export

Using the brand export option we can able to generate the csv file of all Brands and their properties.