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Category Import & Export

Categories are used to group the product, to import the existing categories get the template file by clicking here.

Once you have downloaded fill up the table, it will have the following items to be filled

NoColumn NameValueDescription
1idOptional fieldId for the category. This has to be added in product import template
2name*eg: Milk,
Name of the category.Two categories cannot be imported with the same name in the same file.
FIND-OR-CREATE-MARKER(?) can also be used to provide a category name.
4isHiddentrue,falseWe can hide the category by setting the value true, else mark it as false
5priority*0 to 50
Default vaulue= 0
Based on the given priority category will show. Highest number having high priority
6imagesName of Image Eg: tomato.jpgNeed to provide respective name of image for the category
7hasCategorytrueorfalseCategory may have child categories, in that case need to set value as true. Those category can't have products, only the child category can have products
8hasProducttrue or falseIf the category creating is not having any child category mark hasProduct field as true, These two are Vice versa if hasCategory is true hasProduct must be false
9parentIdId of parent category

Fields with ***** are mandatory fields.

Category Export

Using the category export option we can able to generate the csv file of all categories and their properties.