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Product Import & Export

NoColumn NameValueDescription
1idid for the product.
2name*eg : Nandhini MilkName of the product. No two products can import with same name.
3brandeg: Nandini-01,
Id of the brand, It will get from the brand menu.
The FIND-OR-CREATE-MARKER(?) option can also be used to attach the brand name.
4categorieseg: Milk,
Id of the category. It will get from the Category menu.
The FIND-OR-CREATE-MARKER(?) option can also be used to attach the category name.
5descriptionProduct description if any.
6productType*SIMPLE_PRODUCT or VARIANT_PRODUCTSelect simple product if its not having any variants like 500ml, 1L
7SP_skuId*Required field for productType= SIMPLE_PRODUCT.
Product code
8SP_salePrice*Required field for productType= SIMPLE_PRODUCT.Selling Price.
9SP_mrp*Required field for productType= SIMPLE_PRODUCT.Original Price. Must be greater than or equal to SP_salePrice.
10SP_imageseg:nandhini-milk.jpgName of product image.
11productItemType*SUPERMARKETProduct item type has to be SUPERMARKET.
12productItemType2eg: TYRE,PERFUMETo create multiple product item type.
13otherProductPropseg: Color, FragranceTo create multiple product item properties.
14isHiddentrue or falseMark as true if the product to be hidden from storefront.
15isFeaturedtrue or falseMark as true if the product to be featured on storefront homepage.
Default value= NONE
Based on the product select label, according to selection the vegmark will show on storefront.
17searchSuggestioneg: paal dooth പാല്‍ ಹಾಲು दूधEnter the possible search term for the product separated by space.
18SP_discounteg:10Discount of the product, will be calculated in percentage from SP_salePrice and SP_mrp .
19SP_isOutofstocktrue or false
21stockManagedtrue or false
22isStockManagedtrue or false
26VP_name*Required field for productType= VARIANT_PRODUCT.
eg: 500ml,1L
Name of variant product.
27VP_discounteg: 10Discount of the particular variant, will be calculated in percentage from VP_salePrice and VP_mrp.
28VP_isOutofstocktrue or false
29VP_skuRequired field for productType= VARIANT_PRODUCT.
Product code of variant product.
30VP_salepriceRequired field for productType= VARIANT_PRODUCTSelling Price of variant product.
31VP_mrpRequired field for productType= VARIANT_PRODUCTOriginal Price of variant product. Must be greater than or equal to VP_salePrice.
32VP_sku_ruleeg: 0.500|kg|+2Rule of variant product.
33VP_imageseg:nandhini-milk.jpg or eg:nandhini-milk.jpg;milma-milk.jpgName of product images.Names should be seperated by semicolon (;)

Fields with ***** are mandatory fields.

Download the sample template for product import by clicking here

Product Export

There is a filter option available under the product section, The same option can be used to export product to csv

Product Export

In order to get the product exported, visit the product menu and select the filter option, we can find multiple option for filtering, the same options can also be used for exporting.Product can be exported in the following types


While importing products name should be unique. For product with duplicate name only the first product will be imported. Estimated time for importing 5000 products is 9 minutes.

Steps to verify products are imported correctly

Step 1: Export the csv file.

Step 2: Insert a column in the exported file and compare the previously imported file with exported file using vlookup.

Formula: =vlookup(lookup_value,table_array,col_index_num,[range_lookup])

lookup_valueEnter the lookup value to look up or search
table_arrayThe range of data to search
col_index_numThe input is the number of the column, counted from the left
[range_lookup]TRUE/FALSE: Refers to the Approximate/Exact Match

Figure 1: Imported file

Product Export

Figure 2: Exported file, column B represents the lookup value.

Product Export

The function returns the #N/A value. This is because lookup value doesn't exist in the imported file.