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INFI Software

INFI an accounting and inventory management software that controls inventory and stock levels. Using integration we can perform the following.

Product details sync

Nearme will sync data from INFI software if there are any changes in the product price attributes (Sale Price, MRP) or stock values. If a product stock goes to 0 or any negative value, Nearme will mark that product as out of stock.


The Product will sync in an interval of 15 Mins

Integration Setup

Request credential from INFI

  1. Request INFI team to enable API in their Server

  2. Need to get API access from INFI team for getting Product and Stock access

  3. ProductCode to be synched should be added to a group, detailed below Grouping Product Code

Grouping Product Code

Include items into group, also can exclude items from the group

  1. Click Item from title bar of the INFI software and select Item Grouping


  2. Select the item group and items to be added to the group

    • Click Include to add items to group or Exclude to remove items from the group


  3. From the pop-up, select yes


  4. Grouped items will display as follows


Environment setup

We will be provide you with a jar file and resource file.

Download it and save it under C:\infiIntegration folder.

System requirements

  • i3 or above Processor
  • 4GB RAM
  • 256GB HDD

Integration Log

The log of INFI integration can be found under the Logs menu on Navigator.

Select TASK Product Sync from the dropdown menu to view the Integration logs

It will lists the Upload and import details of file to nearme system




How to sell a product online that is not available in the INFI Software Need to create the product manually in the Nearme application and it will be available on Storefront


Is new product added to INFI will sync to Nearme Automatically No, It will not sync the product automatically. Need to create product manually and on the SKU id need to add the product code on the INFI. Once added the product code it will sync price and stock details.